The biggest Hearthstone tournament of the country presents Vodafone’s 5G

Cutting edge technology coupled with esports: we partnered up with Vodafone to broadcast the biggest Hearthstone tournament the country has ever seen. Using Vodafone technology, we hosted the finals in Budapest, while the production happened 100 km away, at Internet Hungary, the country’s biggest B2B tech conference.

The best Hearthstone players of the country were getting ready at Business Ready Zone, Vodafone’s premium Budapest location. They made it here after a long fought online battle with more than 200 applicants, to finally see who can claim the ultimate victory and become champion of the country. Tensions were high: the winner would get a VIP experience of IEM Katowicze, a custom-made trophy, and the biggest prize money ever seen at a Hearthstone tournament.

In the meantime, around 100 km (62 miles) away, at the side of the biggest lake in Eastern Europe, a big B2B tech conference was kicking off with internet moguls, entrepreneurs, celebrities and politicians. In the middle of it all, a production crew filled with young talent that is just emerging on the wave of esports: observers, shoutcasters, technicians. The place was buzzing: Vodafone’s technology delivering an esports tournament played in Budapest, being produced and commentated locally in real time was something that raised the eyebrows of tech veterans as well.

“We are delighted to have this opportunity to work together with Vodafone on showcasing the power behind their 5G infrastructure with our esports initiatives” – said Mark Tischler, CEO of Esport Universum. “It’s great to see esports being the pinnacle of such a massive event as Internet Hungary, and a huge thanks to all players participating, our crew and our partners that made this event happen. We started our company to deliver big projects for local gamers and esports fans, and we are delighted to be here to tie gaming together with business. We can’t wait to see where we go from here.”

After some fierce battles in the finals, Sebestyen “Hulkeinstein” Balazs emerged victorious. “I must say I have never seen such a professional tournament as this final. The surroundings were perfect for the players, the vibe was calm, so everyone could focus on playing the best they can. The level of play was extremely strong, everyone from the National Team of Hungary was there to play against. Even though we were on camera all the time, I was able to stay focused throughout and take home the win. Huge shoutout and thanks to my team Lvl Up Esports for all their help!”

Congrats to Hulkenstein for the win once again, and huge thanks to everyone participating, watching or working on the event!