Hungarian National Elite League Finals – Epic end of a long journey

The second season of the Hungarian National Elite League, Hungary’s official League of Legends tournament ended with WiLD.CoolerMaster winning the trophy and the grand prize after successfully coming back at Team Horizon Reapers for last year’s defeat.

On the 26th of November, the two strongest teams of Hungary met in the Summoners Rift. That Best of Five (Bo5) series ended up with the dominant victory of Wild Multigaming, which was quite surprising for the fans. Anyhow, there were many other things, that entertained those, who were able to buy tickets in time… and people had to be really fast, because the tickets sold out pretty fast.

The whole event seemed really well organized: the stage and the show was more than professional. The shoutcasters of LOLTV Hungary assured every fan, both on- and offline, that the production will be immaculate. Also many cosplayers, exhibitors and YouTube celebrities assured the incredibly good and entertaining environment. But nothing else can describe better the awesomeness, than the pictures themselves! We can’t wait for the aftermovie…