LOLTV renews partnership with Riot Games

EU LCS 2018 banner

We are proud to announce that LOLTV Hungary acquired the licenses to cover the biggest official Riot Games tournaments around the globe yet again. No EU LCS, NA LCS or Rift Rivals match will be uncovered through this split!

After years of continuous cooperation with Riot Games, we are happy to keep being the official broadcasting partner for the region. This means that every European, North-American and World Championship match will have an official Hungarian broadcast.

LOLTV Hungary’s Twitch channel has been the most popular esport content provider in Hungary since 2015. In 2017 they started working together with Esport Universum to build professional infrastructure and the biggest esport-related studio complex in the region. It is always an honour to take part in Riot Games’s incredibly intense and professional events and tournaments: the greatest battles of the Rift will surely be covered in Hungarian!