Game of Codes – The ultimate challenge

Who said that esports and education were two different things? Nobody that participated in Game of Codes for sure! On 17 December teachers, IT professionals and psychologists joined forces to guide future generations.

It’s not the first time, that a high school sets up its own e-sport event, but what the Neuman János Vocational High School did, is exceptional. They were capable of entertaining various generations, while also educating and guiding the youth.

The e-sport competition was the main attraction for the students, but that wasn’t the only option to have fun. Classic card games, mini-tournaments or real robot-fights were also available for the students.

In addition, there were also presentations about the psychology of e-sport and the roles in IT. Many students and teachers attended, and the balance between education and entertainment was amizing. Naturally, an online stream was available through the entire event at esporter’s twitch channel.

Rumour has it, that this was only the beginning, and Game of Codes is going to have another episodes. We can’t wait to see, where and what will they do next time!