Chicken dinners on Hungary’s biggest PUBG cup

Fusion PUBG Hungarian Cup – Powered by Twitc

Esport Universum’s FusionTV gave place to Hungary’s first official PUBG tournament backed by Twitch and PUBG Corp. More than 800 local teams enrolled Fusion PUBG Hungary Cup – Powered by Twitch and fought through eight weekends, 14 match days for the biggest prize pool the game has ever seen in the country.

The biggest local PUBG streamers were invited, along with teams of famous gaming media organizations to battle it out for ultimate victory. Invited teams donated their earnings in advance to their choice of charity organizations and causes such as renovating a children’s hospital, building animal shelters and the Red Cross.

The cup was organized by FusionTV with a staff of 37, who did everything to create the best possible atmosphere and give a great experience to the viewers:

The casters tried real-life versions of the weapons included in the game on a real-life shooting range and some of the viewers could win the opportunity to join them. The viewers also had the chance to win a chicken dinner in a restaurant called Hacienda – one of the iconic places in the game.

Our sound technician, being a fan of the game himself, composed an anthem for the cup and viewers liked it so much, that they demanded the song to be available on Soundcloud. The link was revealed for 1000 Twitch cheers and was downloaded many times since.

Overall the cup was a great success, creating an exciting atmosphere for the ever-growing local community of PUBG players and streamers, while providing a great experience for CEE players. We’d like to thank Twitch and PUBG corp for the opportunity to work on something of this magnitude, all the streamers and partners, and of course, the players and viewers who made such an event possible.

May the circle shrink on you all!